Hightstown, NJ, DATE: April 23, 2015

Mayor Lawrence Quattrone announced today that the Borough of Hightstown has been awarded a New Jersey Transportation Department Municipal Aid Program grant in the amount of $300,000 for the rehabilitation of East Ward Street. This highly competitive NJDOT grant program received 630 applications and assists with improvements to and preservation of the local transportation network and providing mobility through the local roadway system

This grant will assist with the rehabilitation of East Ward Street from South Main Street to the Borough Limit. The road has severely deteriorated pavement with potholes, alligator, transverse and longitudinal cracking, with many temporarily patched and repaired areas and little or no stone beneath the existing paved surface. The Borough recently had to make temporary stabilized base repairs to a large portion of the pavement because the road was in imminent failure. The proposed improvements include replacement of curb and sidewalk, installation of new sidewalk and curb where none exists, full reconstruction of the roadway, the upgrade of existing inlets to meet NJDOT Bicycle Safe Grate Standards, and NJDEP Stormwater Regulations will also be included. Improvements to the existing storm drainage system will be included to protect surrounding areas from water damage cause by ponding. The street is bordered on the north side by residential properties and serves as access to the Peddie School located on the south side and also carries vehicular traffic entering and exiting the Downtown Business District.

Mayor Quattrone noted that to-date this year Hightstown Borough has received three grants totaling $906,000 for infrastructure improvements; helping to keep Hightstown Borough a great place to live and work. Mayor Quattrone credits the work done by Carmela Roberts, the Borough Engineer, in crafting the grant applications with the success of receiving the grant funds.