The Borough of Hightstown was incorporated on March 5, 1853, and operates under the Borough form of government, the largest single form of municipal government in use in New Jersey. Under this form, the Mayor, elected directly by the voters, is the head of Borough government and recommends to council such measures as he deems necessary for the welfare of the Borough.

The governing body consists of six elected Councilmembers, each serving a three-year term, and one elected Mayor who serves a four-year term.

There is also an autonomous Board of Health, a Planning Board (which also functions as the Zoning Board), Environmental Commission (which includes the Borough’s Shade Tree Officer), Historic Preservation Commission and Parks and Recreation Commission. Meetings of all Boards and Commissions are advertised and open to the public.


The Mayor is the head of Borough government and serves on a part-time basis. The Mayor is elected for a four-year term. He or she nominates appointees to boards and commissions of the Borough, most of which are subject to the ratification of Council, and presides over meetings of the Borough Council. The Mayor may vote on actions being considered by the Council only to break a tied vote.