Mayor Lawrence Quattrone has made public safety a priority. To date he has requested Council action to establish new stop intersections and reduced speed limits. In addition he has committed to reducing traffic hazards due to standing water. Recently he worked with the Mercer County Engineer to improve the intersection of North Main and Monmouth during their repaving project.

At the same time Mayor Quattrone has worked to improve public/private cooperation. A standing water problem on Etra Road has given him an opportunity to coordinate a multi faceted project. Mercer County was contacted regarding the water problem and they have agreed to improve the street surface to facilitate run off.

While this collaboration was going on the Mayor also sought to improve pedestrian safety by extending the curb and sidewalks along Etra Road. As a result of his efforts, the Mayor identified two additional participants who are willing to contribute to the construction costs. Peddie School and Meadow Lakes have agreed to partner with the Borough. The Borough Council has authorized the Borough Engineer to design the curb and sidewalks.   Peddie School and Meadow Lakes have agreed to fund the installation.

“This is a great example of government/community cooperation for the public good” said the Mayor. “I hope to continue this trend as Hightstown Borough continues to move forward.”