Hightstown Borough is pleased to announce that beginning February 1, 2017 the Hightstown Borough Recycling Program will change. With this change comes the great news that your recyclable materials will be picked up using natural gas vehicles only; and we now can accept all recyclable materials with the codes 1-7! Hightstown is doing its part to help keep your town clean and the air you breathe cleaner!

Another change is that Waste Management will be delivering a 96 gallon can to each residence for use for your recyclables. All residents are required to use this can to put out recyclable materials on collection day. Until you receive this can, please continue to put your recyclables to the curb as you have in the past. The dates for recycling collection will remain the same as will the items that are recycled through the commingled program. Cardboard should be cut and put into the can with your other materials.

The changes made to the program allow for a more efficient process. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Public Works.



Effective August 1, 2008, All recyclable items except corrugated cardboard may be placed in any 33 gallon container for collection as we have changed to a “Single Stream” collection.  Recyclables will be separated by machines.

These items include:

Juice bottles & cans                                                        Glass salad oil bottles           

Soda bottles                                                                     Soda & beer cans

Baby food jars                                                                 Pickle & olive jars

Vegetable cans                                                                Soup cans

Liquor & beer bottles                                                      Glass ketchup bottles

Fruit jars & cans                                                              Tuna fish cans

     Coffee cans & jars                                                      Glass peanut butter jars

     Pet food cans                                                              Spaghetti sauce jars

     Milk & water jugs                                                      Detergent, bleach, fabric

     Milk & juice cartons                                                  softener containers


     Newspaper and associated inserts

     Magazines, catalogs and junk mail

     Office paper


Coated folding box-board including cereal, cracker, dry soap, beverage carrier and shoe boxes
Kraft paper, including corrugated cardboard, paper bags and sacks

Corrugated Cardboard should be placed in bundles at curbside.

We will now also take #3 through #7 containers in addition to envelopes with windows.

Food containers and cans must be emptied and rinsed or washed out.  Detergent, bleach and fabric softener bottles must be double rinsed, remove all tops, leave labels. 

If pickup is missed, call the Public Works Department at 609-490-5115.


Http:// provides practical and straight-forward advice for how New Jersey citizens can reduce the amount of waste their households produce, with simple tips for waste reduction or reuse that do not require dramatic changes in lifestyle. It also gives suggestions for alternative ways for reusing some of the items residents might otherwise discard. Additionally, it provides information about additional recycling options that are not available through your local authority, but have been created by private businesses and charity groups, for the collection or redistribution of specific waste items, often at little or no expense to your constituents.

Http:// is a privately owned, for-profit company that specializes in providing consumers with accessible and actionable recycling information across the country. Its Recycling Directory is very comprehensive. It contains information for recycling over 240 different products. The Directory is free for consumers to use on the website, through the toll-free and bilingual hotline (1-800 CLEANUP) and with the free iPhone application (iRecycle). lists over 127,000 locations and programs that people can search in the directory to find local recycling and disposal resources. The information provided through the site’s directory, editorials and resources represents only fact-based, informational and useful content.


Hightstown is encouraging our residents to recycle their old refrigerators or freezers. Is your refrigerator an energy guzzler from the 1950’s? If so, you could win a $1,000 gift card!

To take part in the contest, owners simply sign up between July 1 through September 30 to have your fridge or freezer recycled through New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, which provides free pick up and recycling of working fridges and freezers, plus a $50 incentive in return.

The Board of Public Utilities have contracted with a private company, Jaco Environmental, to perform this service. Refrigerators / freezers can be scheduled for pickup by dialing 877-270-3520 or via website. Go to: for details.

For a video on program details go to: