Finance Office
Chief Financial Officer – George Lang
(609) 490-5100 Ext. 667

Treasurer – Janice Mohr-Kminek
(609) 490-5100 Ext. 621

Tax, Water and Sewer

Tax/Water/Sewer Collector – Angela LoConte
Tax and Water/Sewer Clerk – Monika Patel
(609) 490-5100 Ext. 613

Tax Assessor – Ken Pacera
(609) 490-5100 Ext. 669

Our Tax Assessor’s office is open from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. each Wednesday.

Property Tax in New Jersey: A Short and Simple Glimpse Updated
This brochure discusses the history and administration of the property tax in our Garden State, from the Colonial period to the present. Public opinion polls continue to cite dissatisfaction with property taxes as a major concern of voters. Property taxes are also blamed for driving businesses to locate or relocate to other States and as a drag on real estate sales and development.   Understanding the many facets of our regressive property taxes can help readers to better evaluate reform and relief proposals.  You can view it and download it from

State Government and Your Local Property Taxes (What Residents & Businesses Should Consider)

Hightstown Tax Maps 2014