All cats and dogs over seven months of age which reside in the Borough of Hightstown must be licensed.

Dog licenses are due in January, and are valid through December 31. You may license up to two dogs per household. State Law requires that rabies vaccinations must be valid through at least ten months of the licensing period in order for a license to be issued.

Cat licenses are due in July, and are valid through June 30. ALL cats must be licensed, and rabies vaccinations must be up to date prior to issuance of the license. There is no limitation on the number of cats which may be licensed.

Late fees of $5.00 per month per license (up to a maximum late fee of $15 per license) will be charged for licenses issued after the month in which they become due.

Licensing fees:

Dogs: Spayed or neutered $12.00  • Not altered $15.00
Dog License application

Cats: Spayed or neutered $10.00 • Not altered $14.00 • Maximum license fee (regardless of # of cats licensed) $30.00 per household
Cat License application