Shade Tree Officer David Zaiser

The Environmental Commission is soliciting recommendations and requests for new street trees. These street trees are typically planted in the right-of-way of a Borough street (generally between the sidewalk and the street curb). The Borough will select, plant and initially water the planted trees. All that we ask is that residents protect trees from damage and commit to watering the trees when warranted by dry weather.

If you are a Borough resident and would like to have a tree planted adjacent to your property or you know of a location in the Borough where you would like to see a tree planted, please indicate your desire by writing a letter to:

Borough Trees c/o Environmental Commission
Borough of Hightstown
148 N. Main Street
Hightstown, NJ 08520

Though we will try to honor all requests, this may not be possible due to the limited number of trees.

Past tree planting has been extremely successful. So that our children can enjoy the tree-lined streets of Hightstown, we must continue to plant new trees each year to replace those that have been removed, because of age or damage from storm or disease. Thank you for supporting this effort.