The Township of Warren would like to announce the establishment of the Hightstown Borough Housing Rehabilitation Program for low and moderate- income persons in the municipality who are in need of upgrade of their homes for health and safety improvements and building code violations. Such improvements include new furnaces, roofing, electric system upgrade, access way improvements, plumbing upgrades, flooring, structural repair and the installation of smoke and carbon- monoxide detectors.

In order to be eligible for the program, your combined family income (dependent on family size) must be below the following moderate-income level; family of one $51,864, family of two $59,273, family of three $66,682, family of four $74,091, family of five $80,018, family of six $85,946, family of seven $91,873 and family of eight $97,800. You must include with your application a copy of your property deed and all property taxes must be current. It is important that the income information for ALL family members be included with your application (which will be considered as family income) or the application will be rejected. If you choose to participate, there will be a 10-year mortgage/lien placed on your home where in the event you sell your home within that time period, the program will re-capture funding expended in your project. After the initial 10-year time period, the lien will be removed.

More information on the program or to have an application sent to you please call the township’s housing rehabilitation administrator, Rehabco, Inc. at (732) 477-7750 or email your request at We are also on the web at