Animal Control in the Borough of Hightstown

Animal control services in the Borough of Hightstown are provided through a professional services agreement with a New Jersey certified Animal Control Officer, ACO. The ACO reports directly to the Borough Administrator and works closely with the Borough Police and the Health Departments to enforce all state and municipal regulations related to the animal population in the township.

Contact Information for Animal Control 609-448-1234

All ACO calls are dispatched through the Hightstown Borough Police Department.

Call related to rabies exposure consultations or reports may be directed to the Health Department at 609-936-8400.

  • Animal Bites

    All animal bites must be reported to the Police Department at 609-443-1234. The ACO and the Health Department will work together to investigate the case and institute control measures to address potential rabies exposures.  State laws require that animal bites and rabies exposures to humans or domestic animals must be reported.

    If your dog or cat bites someone, it will be quarantined at home for 10 days to allow for a rabies observation period.   Rabies vaccination records will be requested from pet owners. After ten days, healthy cats and dogs are released from confinement during a home visit conducted by the ACO or a Health Department representative.

  • Lost & Found

    If your pet is lost or if you observe a stray animal in the community, immediately notify the Police Department at 609-448-1234. Since all ACO calls are routed through the Police, they can help connect you with the animal control officer and may be aware of other callers who have reported sightings of lost pets. Strays which are picked up by the ACO are placed in a shelter for a minimum of 7 days to allow time for the owner to reclaim their pet. The ACO can also provide additional tips and local resources to reunite owners and lost pets.

    If your observe a stray animal, please consider your safety before approaching the animal since frightened, sick or injured animals may behave unpredictably.

  • Pet Licensing

    Dogs and cats are required to be licensed annually. Licensed applications are available at the link below or through the Office of the Borough Clerk at 609-490-5100.

    Dogs Application

    • Licensing of your dog requires a rabies certification valid through October 31st of the current licensing year.
    • If you dog has been neutered or spayed, you must present documentation, such as a certificate or veterinary bill, the first time the dog is licensed.
    • Licenses are valid January 1st through December 31st of each year.
    • Hightstown Borough limits the ownership of dogs to two (2) per household.

    Cats Application

    • Licensing of cats is required by ordinance.
    • Rabies vaccinations must be current at the time of licensing.
    • Licenses are valid July 1st through June 30th of each year.
    • The maximum fee per household is $30.00 regardless of the number of cats licensed per home.
  • Rabies Clinics

    The Health Department holds rabies clinics periodically throughout the year. An annual clinic is held each year in Hightstown in early December. Please check the Borough website or contact the Health Department at 609-936-8400 for additional information.